“My daughter has joined JEI for 5 weeks this summer. She told me this is the best summer camp she has even been, and she is looking forward to attend next summer. Every night, she came back home and cannot wait to share with me about her classes. The writing teacher is so funny, the math teacher is wonderful, the chess teacher knows everything, the public speaking teacher teaches them tricks and eye contact, the science teacher is so creative, the art teacher is amazing. In her own words: ”I do not like JEI but I love it.” Thank you all the wonderful teachers and counselors for the incredible work. I highly recommend JEI summer camp without any hesitation.”  —3rd grade parent

“My son is a first grader. He started last year. During class, the teacher was focused on what he needed to improve the most, which was reading at that time. Because the class size is small, the teacher was able to guide him at a pace he is comfortable with and make steady progress.”

“My son likes the JEI programs and learns a lot from them. More importantly he starts to enjoy writing and becomes self motivated. The teacher, Ms. Karen, is excellent. She revises his essays very carefully, and always points out the part that he needs to improve the most. The teacher-parent interaction is excellent.”

“The director and teachers are warm and professional. My children benefit greatly from many perspectives. The curriculum systematically enhances and supplements reading comprehension, grammar and problem solving skills. Most amazingly, my kids really enjoy their time at JEI.”

“My kids take the JEI courses in the afternoons. No more scheduling conflicts. They had very good experiences. I just wish more programs like JEI could be offered in the after school hours. Our kids can have more fun and also spend quality time with us parents when they get home.”

“I like JEI because it helps me learn more and prepare for school. I would get better grades on my tests and report cards. JEI helps my inner learning skills come out. JEI is a great place for learning when it comes to crafts. I use my imagination and make all kinds of stuff. Overall, I like JEI summer camp!”

“I liked how not only one teacher just taught Math, English, Writing, and Public Speaking, but different teachers taught different things and I had fun learning from every teacher because I felt like I was traveling around the world with each place having its own experiment.”

“One of my favorite subjects is Public Speaking. Basically, Public Speaking helps you get better at speaking in front of people. Our Public Speaking teacher, Ms. Debbie, always helps us get better and better. The people at JEI are always nice. It’s like you can make a new friend every day!”

“I think JEI is a thrilling place! JEI has many games you can play while we have free time. What I like when we have class at JEI is that their workbooks are fun, but they help you learn at the same time. I always look forward to the field trips. The field trip that’s coming up is at the Liberty Science Center!”

“Ms. Emily, thank you for teaching us everything that you have. We appreciate the time and effort you spent on your students’ lives. Thank you for your dedication to make sure our futures will be bright and prosperous, in and out of school.” —JEI seventh grader

“Dear Mrs. Lauren, you’re the best.
If you want to be teaching again, be our guest.
Whenever you tell us to be very loud,
You probably say it so we can make a sound.
Out of every teacher, you’re my favorite one,
When I forget to email my speech you tell me to say thank you, then I’m done.”

—Public Speaking student