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What is Opinion Writing

Great opinion writing tries to convince readers to change their opinion to more closely match the writer’s. Opinion essays are the foundation of many important styles of professional and academic writing, including Newspaper Columns, Editorials, Reviews, Opinion Pieces, Literary Analyses, Dissertations, Legal Opinions, and Grant Proposals.

The basic structure of an Opinion Essay consists of:
1. An introductory paragraph to give the subject and your stance some context
2. Three or more body paragraphs with evidence and analysis that support your stance
3. A conclusion paragraph to give a broader context and synthesis of ideas…

Summer Intensive Writing Workshop

When it comes to writing, we know parents across the spectrum express similar concerns: Is there a fun, engaging way to teach writing?

How to Turn Your Child into a Strong Writer

“Building and improving strong writing skills is a long-term process that combines vocabulary, grammar, knowledge, creativity, and logical thinking. It’s important to start young…”

What is the PARCC Test?

Found primarily on the East Coast, the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) allows both parents and teachers to get a comprehensive idea of how students are doing in school.

Help Your Child Be Ready For PARCC

Make sure to read and review with your child their school’s District Instructions, which can be found on their school’s website. 

Welcome to JEI Livingston Learning Center

Welcome to JEI Livingston Learning Center, where we believe in a better education for a better life. With our individualized and unique JEI courses, we are dedicated to preparing students who can thrive in the classroom and beyond. The new and more challenging PARCC test demands more of students than ever before, and JEI Livingston is here to give your children the tools they need to succeed.