JEI Reading & Writing


When it comes to writing, we know all parents have similar concerns: Is there a fun, engaging way to teach writing? At JEI Livingston, we offer a uniquely designed program to address this and more.

JEI Reading & Writing is a literature-based, enrichment program that helps students strengthen reading comprehension and writing skills. The program texts include fiction and nonfiction. Our program will teach students to become skilled and confident writers equipped to meet the rigorous standards of the common core writing curriculum. Students become proficient in a variety of styles: opinion/argument, narrative, and informative/explanatory.

At JEI, writing is taught as a process, guiding students through each step from the prewriting stage to the final draft. Students learn how to strengthen their writing through revision, proofreading, and editing. By approaching writing as a process, teachers encourage students to become more invested in their work in order to gain the techniques necessary to become successful writers. JEI Reading and Writing prepares students to confidently tackle the challenging state tests, as well as build a broad set of skills which will help build an intuitive sense of writing.


Group Classes

In our Group Classes, students meet once a week on a specified date and time for a 90 minute class. The first 60 minutes cover writing techniques, example texts, grammar & style, new vocabulary, and relevant textbook assignments. The last 30 minutes cover weekly online writing prompts which are each graded and given comments by our Writing Instructor.